To continue my work as a freelance textile artist,
in a sustainable way of creation.


Her name is Lucie Duret.

She learned textile design in postgraduate MSc in french fashion design school,

Then, she just graduated this year.

It was Instagram that I found her artworks for the first time.


Is it a textile design, a three-dimensional art, or a fashion? Fabrics with all elements and knitting. It had a look that also felt the delicacy and fragility leading to the sensibility of somewhere in Asia.


I asked some questions for her.

She is always too busy, but in a few days, gave us good reply.

Q Recently, how do you feel daily, Lucie?

Good weather is coming so I feel inspired and full of energy !

Q Please introducing about your profile easily.

I left my family home when I was 17 to join different schools of applied arts.

To start I worked in the field of costume design, I touched costumes for international cinema,

cabaret and theater.

Last year I was graduated from a french fashion design school as stylist.

I am now finishing my studies with a master degree in textile design in Lille.

I experiment every day with new materials, techniques and surfaces in a mainly artisanal way.

I love to share my research with my community on instagram

@lucieduret_textiledesign .

Q Could you introducing me about your brand and activity?

Artistic design combined with my different skills allows me to collaborate with fashion and costume designers and different artists.Today, I am looking to develop my fields of application and enrich my creative potential through research, meetings and active involvement in my textile innovation quest.

Q What’s music and musician do you love?

I love working while listening Agnes Obel.

Her music is relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

Her voice is captivating and the piano is always a delight for my ears !

Q Could you tell me about your favorite country and the reason?

Then, in the future, country where you want to live.

I fell in love with Spain especially for Madrid when I left France to work for the cinema international.

The atmosphere was incredible !

Smiling and attentives people, charming language, a culture of joy, dance, art and fiesta !

Also, I really loved discovering England and joining a part of my family in the United States.

In fact, I can’t imagine myself staying in France too long.

I intend to travel as much as possible and I really hope to have the opportunity to discover Asian culture outside of my books.

Q Could you tell me about  the relationship between textile design and fashion?

I learned fashion design before textile design.

In this way, I understood that a beautiful cut of clothing is nothing without the good fabric,

pattern and texture and conversely. These are two very complementary know-how !

Q After 10 years, how is the image of yourself ?

I would like traveled a big part of the globe, meeting and working with incredible people again and again

: craftsmen, artists, designers … To continue my work as a freelance textile artist,

in a sustainable way of creation.

I have never met her.

I live in Malaysia and I am based in Asia.

She is based in France and is working in various countries in Europe.

It happened that we met such miracles, it can’t be a usual daily life, Its coincidence. But for me and for her, this encounter is something of the future,

I believe and believe that it will lead to change and lead to something.


I think that it is very wonderful to have an honest mind to her works and favorite things. It also gave me a chance to think about my way of the future.



There are various people on the earth, there are various ways of living, lifestyle.

What is right and what is wrong, from a view on a global scale, it is not worth thinking.


However, if you take care of things you think intuitively “like”, feelings that you think like, it may be that someday that feelings will become real something.

Some people don’t understand “things I like”, and even if they do not do “favorite things” at work now.


If you feel comfortable and sensitive at the moment of feeling happiness,

I think that it attracts something good luck.

A miraculous encounter with Lucie Duret, it is fortunate that the great feeling that I want to collaborate with fascinating people all over the world.


Lucie Duret persevered “like”, studied, and liked the job.

I think this happiness is wonderful, as hard to replace anything.

But as we keeps on love, will be deeply involved because we like it too much, I think too much and maybe there will be times when we will hit a bigger wall one day. Perhaps a moment comes when we do not like it.

However, the root of the feeling “like” that exists in our cell does not disappear.


It gives us the ability to overcome that wall.


I’m sure if there is a chance to go to France,

I will get in touch with her first.

I would like to see her and show me her atelier.

I am looking forward to that day and want to finish this article about her.


Thank you for a wonderful collaboration, Lucie!





















Lucie Duretとの奇跡的な出会いも、私が世界中のいろんな魅力的な人たちと




Lucie Duretは“好き”を貫き、勉強し、そして好きを仕事にした。




だけど、自分の細胞に存在する “好き”であるという気持ちの根は消えない。