Everything is “FRAGILE” somewhere and releases a “Dangerous Beauty”

Her name is Lucie Duret.
She learned textile design in postgraduate MSC in french fashion design school,
Then, she just graduated this year.



It was Instagram that I found her artworks for the first time.

Is it a textile design, a three-dimensional art, or a fashion? Fabrics with all elements and knitting. It had a look that also felt the delicacy and fragility leading to the sensibility of somewhere in Asia.



It seems that not only the impression that the expression of the color and fabric she produces is simply happy and bright, but the complex psychological situation which only humans have.
Colors, irregularities, lines and discontinuities with dangerousness. Such a somewhat fragile, like a phantom work that disappears when touched strongly, I had such an impression.


I would like to introduce some of her artworks.

彼女の名前は、Lucie Duret.

french fashion design school の大学院の修士課程でテキスタイルデザインを学び、今年卒業を迎えたばかりのテキスタイル デザイナーだ。彼女の作品と出会ったのは、インスタグラムだった。







[Mayflight] By the Japamese shibori technic

Mayflight is a collection about the ephemeral aspect of
material things. I created this bubble effect on the sleeves
with the 3D Shibori.

It’s a Japanese technique for adding texture
to textiles by exploiting the thermoplastic qualities of some
synthetic fabrics.  Like shibori dyeing techniques, it often involves
wrapping, twisting, pleating, folding, and binding fabric
into shapes with thread.

I added a pastel smoke effect while painting with sprays.

I like the way Fabrice Van der Beck
showcased my work with this very sculptural picture.

Mayflight – Technic: 3D shibori
Model: Melodie Sarazin
Photo: Fabrice Van Der Beck


3Dの “絞り”技術を使って、この泡のような効果を袖にあしらったの。






私はFabrice Van der Beck(写真家)の作風が好きなので、このとても彫刻的な印象の写真を使って、自分の作品を展示したの。


I really love to put my silkscreens experimentations in motion using a fan or a dryer. Through my eyes, it gives relief, volume and poetry to my creations. In this way I can imagine an applied to a suit, a garment or a piece of art in its own right !



Focus on a textile experimentation

with hot press machine / Mix & Match fabrics.




Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where some plastic products or synthetic fabrics are heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product or a new surface design. It’s the way I choose to upcycle plastic bags to transform it into different unique pattern designs !