Paria N°5 “Le Mal Foutu” work in collaboration with Elodie Moussa (fashion designer)

Her name is Lucie Duret.
She learned textile design in postgraduate MSC in french fashion design school,
Then, she just graduated this year, actively Textile designer and fashion designer.


It was Instagram that I found her artworks for the first time.

Is it a textile design, a three-dimensional art, or a fashion? Fabrics with all elements and knitting. It had a look that also felt the delicacy and fragility leading to the sensibility of somewhere in Asia

I would like to introduce her collaboration work with another fashion desinger.

To the art direction of this work,
in a certain sense a comfortable sense of incongruity, I strongly embraced the desire to see the real intention of the artwork.

This is a collaboration that a textile designer “Lucie Duret” and
fashion designer “Elodie Moussa”.

Elodie creates called “Parias” , ‘anti-fashion’ collection.

A story is born in expression by the intersection of Lucie’s textile there.

“Parias” is French meaning “losers”.

The concept ‘anti-fashion’ can be interpreted variously,
but if captured as it is “anti-fashionism”.

In other words, it will be repainted without interruption every year,
or it will be repeated, a trend.
A famous brand launches the “direction” in every season at worldwide fashion week.

This is also one culture, entertainment, art, history.
However, speaking from the viewpoint of enjoying fashion, sometimes,
I think that it is fashion that the pleasure of “Choose what you like and enjoy it as you like” from many choices.

It will be established if there is pleasure there.

It is neither finely analyzed nor criticized, nor is there a correct answer.

I think it is alright mentioning even the law.

For example, even from the viewpoint of manufacturing, ultimately ahead of design and manufacturing, “strong desire to wear” the desire and pleasant feeling, Without them,
one design can not be shaped.

Although the talk went off,

the concept of “anti-fashion”which they launched, is interpreted as fashion
outside the so-called [runway].

However, now [the runway] exists in towns, offices, stations, schools, everywhere.
I think that their “Parias” project is also history as one era.



Many people will feel pleasant in this project around the world.
There is an episode that it was hard to accept in a contest site,
At least two creaters, and myself, like this architectural maze-like structure,
on this court wearing a stunning pale tone gradation that further highlights its existence,

are excited and feel pleasant.



I want to say to this model that looks anxiously with a look like a prisoner.
Put hands in this coat pocket, round the back, look straight ahead,
I want her to keep walking forever, taking a walk away as you are interested,
even smoking cigarettes.



In her favorite city.

The below is Lucie’s comment.


Paria N°5” is a friendship story.

I meet “Elodie Moussa” during a contest of art and crafts talents.

She is a really good stylist and won it. She liked my textile design work and ask me to collaborate with her on this very special project.

Her ‘anti-fashion’ collection named “Parias” talks about anybody who don’t feel in the mold and trying to accept it.

That’s why we worked together on this asymmetrical coat covered with leather cells and flesh-colored paint. Today this amazing piece walks on the streets of Tokyo !


***Paria N°5 “Le Mal Foutu” work in  collaboration with Elodie Moussa (fashion designer)

Technic: leather work

Model: Reum

Photo: Imrane Mrtd




これは、テキスタイルデザイナー”Lucie Duret”と

ファッションデザイナー“Elodie Moussa”とのコラボレーションである。

Elodie がクリエイトする “Parias”という ‘anti-fashion’ collection