One and only an artist ? or modern art ?

Her name is Aoi Yamada.

17 years old, an artist from Japan.
The dance that began at the age of 5, has evolved in various ways, and
It became the form of “body expression” what she now produces.
Her existence itself is close to modern art, and it has the unique existence that there is no other.

It was exactly an online video that the I met her. She appeared on the musician ‘s PV and gave her a different color than anyone, and nailed me. At that movie, she was wearing uniforms of school , but eyes are not that of students. I immediately began to investigate about her and got contact. Just in case of work, I was looking for a model to become an icon. The so-called fashion model, performing arts actress, lifestyle bloggers and others are overflowing in TOKYO. Everyone is similarly and stylish or fashionably instagram by the processing application, the atmosphere of wearing the air feeling of Shibuya and Harajuku anyhow, these didn’t attractive for me. It seems to have personality, it does not protrude from a certain frame. “personality” as one of expression methods created by “contents”, there is “appearance”, it is not just a fashionable style now, it is a form of how human beings live and the way of real intention form.
There is a limit in the time when makeup and hairstyle, something can make a good image with what you are wearing. So, what is your intention? It turns out that, I think.
With such circumstances being good, in such circumstances I wanted to work with her, by all means the desire to meet and talk more and more increased. When fitting in costume, she was delicate but long hands and feet made firmly, the skin was white as it was transparent, a big sharp eyes looking through a small face was impressive. Speaking quietly and slowly, She has calm and presence that I can not imagine as a high school student, she was a girl of 17 years old for the first time to see me.
Beautiful muscles of limbs made with daily dance are healthy, every time she moves, it looks simple and any disappointing costume look supple and gorgeous. The relationship between fashion and dance is close. “Trying to show myself through the something” itself is a model as well, but in her case there is real intention there, strong, there are probably plenty of places where you can express it with straight movements and expressions of the body to get away. It is not something with a sense of deceit, and it is a movement that has never been seen at all.
She expressed herself with all the movements to lie down, crawling hands and feet fingers, and set the entire space as the stage further. Even if it is an archaeological site of Cambodia, or the streets full of people in Shibuya. She will keep tracks of all music and costumes. These all become a dweller of the world that she makes.
It was a time for costume fitting and a light rehearsal, but the world she showed us was beyond our imagination. I was delighted, the needle of my heart was shaken out. I could meet an awesome girl.