RESET Myself?

Everyday as it passes by instantaneously,

Is there time or timing to reset myself?


In Japan, chronic health problems and accidents due to overwork and stress are focused as an important social problems.


Japan’s tendency, which is often evaluated , such as forcibly putting themselves in an environment contradictory to their own will every day, attitudes toward facing work, organization and boss loyalty, etc. This tide may be real of Japan.


It is true that there are many cases where the pile that comes out is often called 

“Hey, this eyesore pile! ” and when this pile are reconsidered, there are many cases where this pile will be broken to right beside itself miserably.


But the world is wide. Depending on the environment, there are cases where this pile can get interesting as “Why is this stake out here?”




In Malaysia where the author lives, every pile comes out of beyond expectations. 

At the beginning, the “betrayal” was still fresh but at the same time stressful. 

In other words people are too honest and honest with themselves. I was just astonished at their remarks and actions.


But such a spiritual features create many entrepreneurs. Rather than fostering an excellent corporate warrior, “Let’s do it anyway, so let’s do it anyway. Because feel so exciting.

Let’s make this pleasure business as much as you can” to nurture such thinking and have a variety of sizes, but there are many young managers in existence It is.

Of course the business model is various, I don’t have a position to judge whether it is correct or wrong, but the spirit of challenging without fear is not born when thinking about the world, social status, economic risk, etc. I will. Because there is certainly something to lose to get something.


Because it seems interesting, I try to do. because I like it. 

Why do I need to spend my time for my dislikes?


It seems extremely felt, but it is very healthy and instinctive as a living thing.

 It is unsuitable for humans and has taste preferences. It is highly likely that the work that you feel like being fun is maybe suitable for you.

Because having a mind of fun, we can overcome lots of hard work and stiffness. 

To make it better, we can quickly devise measures to better results and improvements.

Just ask the person who is suitable for the work that is not suitable for us.

That person will improve the quality of the output.


Its splitting and judgment are very good at very early times.

So, Malaysian people always worked happily.



And at the same time, what is most important in their lifestyle, there are solid priorities in life.

Those who value time with their families will not work overtime for someone else.


A businessman who works out at gym, and the couple who will lean the glass happily on the pool side of a condominium around 6pm on weekdays. It is not just a holiday that families eat on the terrace of the restaurant.


Always says an excellent Chinese Malaysian friend who worked at a Malaysian branch in a Japanese company. “Even if my income is halved, I can not change the time for myself or my family because time has limits – anything I can do is work and I can do it anytime.”



When I worked in Japan, I think that the opposite way of thinking is to author who prioritized the works and dinners on business more than the time with family and children. “I can only do it now, I thought that I’ve been working for more than 10 years at a Japanese company based on this work, this project” this work is my life”of mind. But I suddenly thought.


There is also a “only now” job. But perhaps I continue this lifestyle because “it is only now” and will be 60 years old if I notice it. After that? What will remain for me who lost my business card?


Mind not to let go of the position in the workplace, it makes sense to continue even if somewhat impossible, I had a thinking until now. However, “somewhat impossible” will not continue. Someday, that impossible changes to “impossible to recover”. An example is a result of mental illness due to stress, worst case situation, accident.


More, flexible and nice. More free and nice.


The road is complicated like a blood vessel, it is finely branched. There are innumerable roads in the selected direction. It is by no means a single piece. It’s not that simple.


Those who have clear things to do are not done right now, life limit time will come here suddenly. Age does not matter to start something, but the physical limit exists as a reality problem.


In addition, experiencing various kinds of work and organization, it becomes your own source. Staying in the same environment and keeping seeing the same scenery.


What is your favorite thing, interesting thing, what you want to experience now, 

not passed yourself?

We will definitely come at somewhere when we should listen to ourselves again. I want to pretend not to notice the change of my mind at that opportunity.


What I am currently carrying, age, social position, positions in the company, publicity. There are various reasons, but you do not need to think about your time and excuse for life. I will try to match the voice of the heart with the behavior obediently.


No matter how old, you can face “your like”.



This is a technique to enrich my life, learned from Malaysians.