Motorbike country, car country, country of subway in Asia?


In Asia, as the main stream of each means of transportation, there are a country where the motorcycle is the leading role, a country where the car is the leading role, a country where the railroad is the leading role. And it can be said that the main mobility of the city is making part of the country’s values.

For example, in Vietnam where the motorcycle is the leading role, various bikes run around narrowly. It is a disorderly state, but in a way it feels freedom from the power of the shoulder. Also in the city, the couple talks chatting across the stopped motorcycle. Some people do stylishly with the handle of the mask, it is still modest.

And if the bike type economy develops and cash surplus comes out, the next is the car economy where many young people have cars with that money. Even rain will be comfortable without wetting, the bubble economy will come with the car status.

However, at the price, it will now be bound by traffic jams. And the time of arrival at the time of travel can not be read. Therefore, in a car-type society, a culture that is lenient and liberal is born.

Then, in order to resolve the chronic congestion, public transportation has developed, and the city is the main role of the subway and railroad streets. In such a society full of public transportation, a culture is born that “people who do not have ecology are cool”. And as you can move exactly with a minute schedule like Japan, the late becomes self-responsibility, becoming intolerant to the time accordingly.

And what will be the future? The first hypothesis is that the bicycle is the leading country. It is good to be an exercise as well as ecology, and it is grasping the hearts of health-oriented people. Another hypothesis is the era of auto-driven vehicles by AI. If you have the accuracy like public transportation and you can move without traffic, there will be people who do not have a house and live only by cars.

Looking at Asian countries, looking at the vehicles in that country will be a hint to predict changes in national character and the next trend.

It is around this time that I think about such a thing in Bangkok’s heavy traffic jam.